Why choose us?

SIA “Only Exclusive” is engaged in the processing of natural stone, sale and construction of granite products.

The experience gained by the founders of the company over several years allows us to produce the highest quality and attractive construction and design solutions from the Latvian boulder. Boulder is the oldest, strongest, most beautiful and safest building material, so we work with this material. Processing boulders on the most modern technological equipment, we can obtain products and elements of various shapes.

We spare no effort to be able to offer you the highest quality granite products from Latvia and other countries. We can supply granite finishing slabs, granite paving stones, granite tiles, granite window sills, granite curbs, granite products for building stairs and kitchens, as well as boulder and boulder products in various sizes. Products are available in different colors and are processed in different ways - we cut, forge, burn, polish.

Qualified craftsmen (masons) of our company, the quality of which has been appreciated by many of our customers, will be able to fulfill your wishes, using any boulder material in construction.

Since we also provide transport and logistics services, there will be no problems with the delivery of products.

We are confident that working with our company, you will receive solutions that meet your needs.

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